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Working Together to Build Lifelong Communities

Rides for Seniors

On-demand transportation service pilot program

for residents 65 and older from

Madison, Chatham Borough and Chatham Township    

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Did you know that one in three Americans is aged 50 or older?   By 2030,   1 in every 5 people will be 65 or older. 


With this shift in the population demographics, communities must assess their environments to ensure older residents can remain mobile, social, and engaged in the community for as long as desired.

Tri-Town 55+ Coalition is a non-profit, community-based organization, that together with its partner organizations, is on the forefront of creating communities that will enable residents to grow up and grow old.   The Coalition is working to implement programs and services to create desirable communities for older adults living in Madison, Chatham Borough and Chatham Township.

Working Together for Lifelong Communities

The Tri-Town 55+ Coalition started in January 2016 with the help of a grant from the Grotta Fund for Senior Care. An extensive needs assessment survey in the three towns identified housing, transportation and communication as top areas of concern. The Coalition is working with leaders and stakeholders in the three towns to address these top priorities.​

Age Friendly Community Initiatives (AFCI)

This research is part of a larger initiative to support the development of AFCIs in northern New Jersey. Two local philanthropies, The Grotta Fund for Senior Care and The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation, began spearheading this regional initiative in 2015.


The Grotta Fund seeks to benefit older individuals and families in Essex, Union, Morris, Sussex, and eastern Somerset Counties. The Taub Foundation focuses, in part, on supporting high-quality programs and services for older adults in Bergen and Passaic Counties.


These philanthropies collaboratively encouraged community leaders, within their respective geographies, to apply for an AFCI planning grant. Across both organizations’ catchment areas, eight communities received AFCI planning grants beginning in January of 2016, and a ninth community joined the regional initiative in March of 2016.



  • Expand accessible transportation for those 55 and older in the communities of Chatham Township, Chatham Borough and Madison Borough.


  • Increase communication and information sharing for senior resources and events in the communities. 


  • Collaborate with existing organizations in the community to support Tri- Town 55+ mission. 



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